Thursday, March 29, 2012


Okay, so here’s a recap from the past couple of weeks (and now I’m promising once again that I will get back on the blog bandwagon).

Spring Break was amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t have as many photos to share this year – I took things quite easy this year, so my list of fun things isn’t very exciting:

1.     I read Hunger Games (and then went and saw the midnight showing of the movie)
I really enjoyed this book – it was a nice easy read, and very suspenseful. I still need to borrow the last two books so that I can finish out the series. The movie, despite being over two hours long, went by so quickly – it could have easily been three hours and I would not have objected. As it was, I felt like some of the scenes were almost too quick. 

2.     I made chocolate zucchini brownies (and unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture). They were so good, and you couldn’t taste the zucchini at all! Sneaking vegetables into food has become almost an obsession of mine. J

3.     I got a new haircut! I was really nervous to go this short, but I’m pleased with how it turned out – even though it took me about five days to finally get there. J

4.     I made a purse! I was so thankful for Joy’s help on this one. I had seen a picture on Pinterest that I really loved, but the pattern cost $7.50. Since I am always trying to do stuff on the cheap, I decided that I thought I could make it on my own without a pattern. Thankfully, I had Joy’s sewing expertise, so it only took us about four hours. It would definitely not have turned out this well without her help – in fact, it probably never would have been completed if I was on my own. Oh, and orders are currently being taken. :)

5.     I set another PR (personal record) in a 5K! Last Saturday, Jocelyn and I ran the 5K portion of the Bearathon (AnnaGrace was on her own for the half-marathon). Jocelyn’s goal was to finish in less than 35 minutes – but she stuck with me, and we finished in 27:29. I’m a little concerned – considering this was her first 5K, I need to get busy to stay faster than her! J  She also has a pretty amazing finishing kick – she took off without me, and managed to cross the finish line before me (though because of our chip time, she actually ended up behind me in the final line-up – HA!).

6.     AnnaGrace and I went to the Cameron Park Zoo. It’s actually very nice, and they used the space available very efficiently! My favorite exhibit was the elephant – he came right up to the water almost as if he was saying hello! I swear – some of those animals know what a camera is, because as soon as you pull it out, they turn the opposite direction! It took us a little over two hours to walk through the entire zoo – this ended up not being the greatest idea, because we could hardly walk that night or the next day. I was rather pathetic, considering that I’d only run 3 miles – but I blame the fact that I’ve been on the elliptical for the past month (my first bout with shin splints, which seem to be fixed!), and I accidentally ran without the insoles in my shoes.

Well that’s all for now – I’ve decided to add a little more structure to my blog, and to share something little several times a week, whether that be a Scripture verse, picture of the day, or fun legal factoid. J Hopefully this time I can really be serious about being more consistent…