Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas "Smell"

I know the title sounds crazy, but I promise that there is a Christmas smell in the air here (if you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to come visit me). The best way I can describe it is a combination of cold air and wood burning…but whatever it is, it’s wonderful.

And so begins a list of my current favorite things:
  • “The Christmas List” – a very predictable, cheesy Christmas movie, but my favorite nonetheless.
  • Reunions with college roommates
  • Christmas baking/goodies
  • Being at my church
  • My ballerina ornament (I picked it out when I was five)

  • Christmas wreaths and hot cocoa – they go quite well together

  • Being curled up on the couch under a blanket with a cup of coffee staring at the Christmas tree..

Life is good.

P.S. I tried fruitcake for the first time today, and I actually liked it! I can now add that to the list of things I eat those most people don’t like (along with dried apricots and prunes).

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am finally home!!! It feels so strange to be back after being gone for 4 months - on the one hand, it doesn't feel like it's been that long, and on the other, I feel like I've been gone for ages.

Today was glorious - I didn't set an alarm for the first time in months. When I got up, I fixed breakfast and promptly sat down and put in one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time - "The Christmas List" starring Mimi Rogers and Enuka Okoma. For those of you who missed it when it was shown on ABC Family, you've missed out. :)

My mom made chili for dinner, and afterwards dad made dark chocolate chip/mint cookies. AMAZING!! We just finished watching Nanny McPhee...and now I have to figure out what to do with myself next. I'm sort of enjoying the feeling of boredom again (I've forgotten what it feels like!).

Tomorrow I get to go to my own church!!!!

Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I will soon have some pictures to share.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

On Friday night, MaryLou and I hosted the Christian Legal Society Christmas party. We managed to squeeze 22 people into our condo. Needless to say, people were sitting everywhere. :) Despite the tight quarters, we had a fantastic time!!! The evening started out with dinner - potluck style. MaryLou and I made my mom's chili, and everyone else brought side dishes, desserts, drinks, etc. The most talked about items on the menu were the green bean casserole and the cornbread. Two of the guys in my section decided to cook after being prodded by another classmate of mine (a female, of course). Thankfully, their first cooking foray was successful - a fact of which they were quite proud. My favorite item was the white hot chocolate. I need to hunt down that recipe...

After dinner we had a gift exchange. The most fought-over gift was the duct tape wallet and highlighters that MaryLou brought. You know you're at a gathering with a bunch of law students when the top gift is highlighters...we're all desperate for new ones because the ones we bought at the beginning of the quarter (five weeks ago) are going dead.

The gift exchange was followed by one round of Taboo. I, unfortunately, discovered that I am not very good at the game...the very first two cards I said the words that were "off-limits." *Sigh*

Chris explaining Mafia.
We then moved on to Mafia, which was quite interesting with such a large group. My favorite round was when I got to be the Mafia. I had on a pair of bell earrings, so I had to be super careful not to move my head too much. :)  I lucked out, though - I was genuinely confused about how the game worked at the beginning, so one of my classmates announced, "She's not the Mafia!!" Haha - looks can be so deceiving...About four rounds later, the townspeople decided he was the Mafia and killed him off. I so wanted to turn my head and grin when I "woke up" to kill, but I decided it was too risky with the earrings. :)

Lindy attempting to interrogate MaryLou. He thought he figured out the truth....but he didn't. :)

This group is one of the things I am most thankful for this quarter. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have this group to make me feel like I belong here.

On a final note: 5 MORE DAYS until I am home!!! At the moment, it feels like Friday will never arrive (especially considering the eight-page memo that is due on Thursday that makes me want to cry). But this time next week I will be sitting at home with my family after having gone to my church - can't wait!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Law Prom

No, the title is not a joke...the law school has our very own "Law Prom." And yes, law school does feel like high school at times (I swear - when are people ever going to grow up??). But, as silly as the name may sound, and even though I did get bamboozled into going, I did have a nice time.

Originally I wasn't sure if I was going to go - the event was at a bar...and outside. I realize it's Texas, but it is December! The week before the event, however, I ended up getting accosted by Bri, who told me that I just had to come...and then Laura Kate made me pinky swear...Unfortunately, not even my knowledge of Contracts could get me out of that one. :)

So, come Saturday night, I straightened my hair, put on my favorite purple dress and gold heels, and waltzed off to dinner. It was so wonderful to get out and have a break in the routine. And while our dinner conversation did occasionally relate to school, it wasn't about assignments, but rather the funnier moments - like things our classmates have said, corny law school jokes (which nobody else finds funny), etc.

Some of the CLS girls

The dance was pretty dead when we arrived, though before too long the Christian Legal Society made requests and got the dancing started (which I find kind of ironic). Other than that, there's really not much to report from the dance itself.

So in case you were wondering...yes, we law students still know how to have fun - occasionally. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Musings...

When I put up the pictures of my Christmas decorations, I inadvertently left off the one of my Christmas wreath (which, excuse the bragging...I made). So, here ya' go!

Here are some other random photos that I feel like posting. :)

My completed training plan!
And finally, a set of glitter candles that I made...they're selling these at Target for $5 apiece, but it's cheaper (and more fun) to make them. :)

That's all for now...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evolution of a Christmas Tree

For the first time in my life, I decorated a Christmas tree all by my lonesome self. It was a weird feeling to be putting up a Christmas tree of my own – when did I get so old??? However, a cup of hot  chocolate, Christmas music, and Skype made the process quite enjoyable.

Thanks to my wonderfully generous aunt, I now have a 6-foot Christmas tree sitting in my living room. The tree, coupled with pine room spray, actually makes it feel sort of like Christmas around here, despite the fact that I have 12 school days left before break (ugh…).

Please enjoy the picture documentary of the process...

Note to not pick up the 6-ft. Christmas hits the ceiling.

Time for the lights...four strands of severely tangled lights. :)

And the final product...(drumroll, please!!)

I am currently sitting next to the tree, finishing homework, and listening to my "Nutcracker" station on Pandora (which, I might add, is great because it's classical versions of Christmas songs, hence it's not distracting!!). It truly is the most wonderful time of the year...