Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running Outside

Oh, how I have missed you, dear runs that occur outside. Trust me, my absence is not due to any lack of affection on my part. It is due to the heat to which I have been subject for the past four (five? six?) months. However, you will pleased to know that I am making a return, thanks to the beautiful weather we are now experiencing. You may join me in hoping that it is here to stay.

On Monday morning, I experienced the joy of an early morning run. After 6 weeks of trying to figure out when to fit running into my schedule (before my 9:15am class? at 3:30pm when I finish? some other time that remained undetermined?), and a couple weeks of rolling back my bedtime/waking time, I finally managed to get up early enough to go for a run at 7am. (Sorry for that extremely long sentence.)

It was glorious.

I only ran 2 miles, but I came back in a wonderful mood - ready to tackle a new week. Hurray for endorphins! Maybe I should start off every week like this...

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