Friday, December 2, 2011


Last Saturday, despite getting over a cold and generally feeling like a brick when I run these days, I finally accomplished my goal of running a sub-30-minute 5K!!!!!! It was a very pleasant surprise, and a nice confirmation that I am still reasonably fit - despite the fact that I feel like I've regressed in my running this year. In fact, I even went back to my very beginning training plan ("Couch to 5K") in hopes that I would feel like I was making progress. Up until Saturday, I wasn't convinced that it helped. But at least I'm making some improvement! And I was 3rd in my age category!!

AnnaGrace was 1st in her age category - yay us!!! The only unfortunate part is they didn't announce 2nd and 3rd for my age category (or if they did, I couldn't hear), so I didn't get my medal. :( Oh well - I guess I'll just have to "constructively" put up a medal on my wall. :)

Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL. I managed to check almost everything off my list!!

  • Believe! 5K
    • Done and beasted!!
  • Stuffed crust pizza
    • Almost - Dad made pizza, but cheese didn't make it into the crust. It was fabulous nonetheless!
  • Cinnamon rolls
    • I didn't even have to beg :)
  • Christmas light hunting
    • We forgot :(
  • Christmas shopping
    • Check!! I picked up a few more things and got some more ideas
  • Make frosted wine goblets
    • Check!
  • Watch lots of Christmas movies
    • Elf and Polar Express - does two count as "lots"??? I say yes
  • Eat until I'm stuffed
And added to the list:
  • Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • CHECK! And p.s., NBC has by far the BEST coverage
  • Hanging out with family and the most adorable little guy EVER

  • And of course, acting like an idiot - because I can :)

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