Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have never felt so unmotivated, brain dead, and tired in my whole life. So, this blog post is going to be all over the place. Here's just a sampling of what the past week has held.

1. Minitrials are DONE!

We had our last one on Thursday (was that only 4 days ago??), and it was an utter waste of time. The professor had not read our briefs (legal documents, not underwear), so he had no clue what was going on. The only commentary he gave us after was, "You need to learn how to make things very clear for the judge. You guys were way too confusing." Gee, thanks...

On the bright side, there were no personal attacks this time.

2. Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy Ice Cream. This stuff is AMAZING. Seriously, it will fix anything that is wrong. :) Combine this with a new "Big Bang Theory" episode and you've got the recipe for a perfect evening.

3. Parallelogram Pizza

Isn't this a fun shape? It was a personal stuffed crust pizza. YUM!

4. The year's first fire! In the fireplace, of course.

The weather is finally cold enough (low of 39 tonight!!!), at least for the next two days (then it's back up to the 80s). It took several flaming paper towels, a few twigs that I grabbed from the yard, and a lot of coaxing before the big log finally caught on fire.

5. Utter exhaustion

I think I have reached my final saturation point. In class on Thursday, I was completely clueless. The professor could have been speaking Chinese and I wouldn't have been any more confused. I felt like the information was going in one ear and out the other. After nine weeks of reading constantly, prepping three mini-trials, learning all about concussions, and just dealing with everything, I've finally reached my limit.

Thankfully, we only have three days of class left. Unfortunately, two of those days we have six hours of class. Since even four hours has turned into what feels like 100 years, I have no idea how I'm going to survive. So asking for prayer is an understatement.

Here are some specifics you can pray for:

(1) That I will have the mental energy to focus in class, rather than just mechanically taking notes.

(2) Focus to study for finals - they're well spaced (Saturday, Tuesday, Friday), but the thought of studying for multiple hours a day makes me want to cry.

(3) That I will be able to maintain a good attitude. It's so easy these days to be angry about everything, or to just want to give up, or to talk bad about the professors. I have to constantly remind myself that others are watching me. I want to be a witness, but I'm too tired to try anymore. Maybe that's the point? ;)

Well, that's all for now. I'll probably be back mid-week in a celebratory "I've-been-released-from-hell" type post. :)

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