Thursday, February 14, 2013

What, you may ask, am I doing with another three-inch binder full of paper? It's my new for-fun reading material!! And I am SUPER excited about this binder. :)

Last quarter, I read "Redeeming Law." I really enjoyed thinking about my work as a lawyer from a Christian perspective. Though I attend a "Christian" law school, I don't ever get that at school. I'm tired of being given secular advice and told, "That's just the way the legal profession works." I don't want to be a lawyer that's the same as others. I want to be different.

Hopefully this binder will help me with that goal. I went through the footnotes of "Redeeming Law" and listed all of the law review articles that were cited. Since I have free printing through Westlaw, I was able to print all of them off at school. Now they're tabbed and ready for all the free time I'll have this quarter! :)

Speaking of this quarter, so far it's going great. This week has been very slow... I have been taking it very easy in an effort to fully recover from my sickness over the weekend, so nothing very exciting has happened. Despite a really nasty sounding cough that's hanging on, I feel mostly back to normal.

I am really enjoying my classes, too. This quarter I only have four: Wealth Transfers, Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Client Counseling. I signed up for ADR because I've heard it's an easy class, plus it fit nicely in my schedule, and I needed two more hours. But after class yesterday, I really think I'm going to like it. And, I think it will be very helpful not only in my legal practice, but for life in general.

Well, that's all for now. I need to go start dinner before our Galentine's celebration tonight at 6pm! 

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