Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sorry for the long hiatus - I meant to blog this weekend, and then time just got away from me. Here's what I've been up to over the last week and a half:

I made my first loaves of sourdough bread:

As you can see, I need to figure out the recipe a little better. The recipe I used said the bread needs to rise for 12-15 hours. Since I go to bed super early, I put it in on Sunday night before I went to sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't rise at all. Plus, it had a crust on the top of it because I had forgotten to oil the top. Oops.

I had read on one blog that if the bread doesn't rise enough and you have to leave before it's done, to put it in the fridge, which will keep it inactive for awhile. So I put it in the fridge and tried again Monday night. This time, I put it in the oven with the light on rather than just leaving it on the counter (it's a little warmer in there). Before I went to bed, I peeked on it, and it was rising!!

Unfortunately, there was a crust on it again Tuesday morning, though it had risen more. I think next time I need to put a towel over the top...and I think I won't let it rise quite so long. While the texture needs tweaking, the taste is pretty darn awesome.

On Saturday night, Jocelyn, AnnaGrace, and I went to a concert at Common Grounds. We found out last minute that Caleb Chapman was playing (Steven Curtis Chapman's son), and couldn't pass it up! It was a really great concert. Jillian Edwards Chapman was also there. You should check both artists out!

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