Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baseball Games and Birthday Shenanigans

Last Thursday night, Bri, Sara, MaryLou, and I went to Baylor's All-University Sing, which was amazing! All of the sororities and fraternities put together 7-minute song-and-dance routines, including backdrops, costumes, and props. Some of the routines were quite elaborate - such as an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, a backdrop and props to look like a huge desk, and a masquerade ball. We had a great time!

Thanks to the free photobooth, we have this winner. :)

MaryLou's parents arrived late Thursday night, so we've been enjoying the fringe benefits of their visit - a piano tuning, lots of good cooking, a trip to Sam's to pick up food, and homemade ice cream for MaryLou's birthday.

Last Thursday was an incredible day. I learned that morning that I got the internship at the Supreme Court of Texas that I interviewed for last week. Even though it's been 5 days, I still almost jump up and down every time I think about that fact. :) I'll be in Austin for the second half of the summer, and I can hardly wait!!

I also won two baseball tickets on Thursday through my energy company (it's a long story). So on Sunday afternoon, Jocelyn, AnnaGrace, and I attended one of the Baylor games against Oral Roberts. It was a little cold at first, but the sun eventually came out and it ended up being a lovely afternoon.

Sunday evening, we had people over for MaryLou's birthday dinner. Her mom cooked "Gourmet Chicken Breasts" - chicken wrapped in a croissant roll and bacon, and covered with a mixture of sour cream and cream of chicken soup. It was delicious!!! We also had homemade vanilla ice cream. I've never had homemade ice cream before, so it was quite the treat!

While MaryLou's parents have been here, her dad tuned our piano. He bought a book and a kit and has been hard at work all weekend. Surprisingly, the piano came into reasonably good tune. To celebrate this fact, we had a "duel of the keyboards" between the piano and Bri's keyboard.

AnnaGrace and I totally won that one. :)

The festivities with MaryLou's parents wrapped up this evening with a trip to Sam's Club to stock up on food - because all the cooked food in the freezer isn't enough. :)

After the trip to Sam's, I headed home and watched two episodes of "The Firm." I became addicted to this show yesterday, and have already watched 3 episodes. Yes, it's now 8:35pm, and I have done no homework since I've gotten home...Oh well!! :) Anyway, this show is amazing. It's based on a John Grisham book (I don't think I've read it - though all of his novels do tend to blur together in my head). He's also the producer of the show, which I think is great. The plot is about a defense attorney (Mitch McDear) who lives in D.C. after spending 10 years in witness protection running from the mob. As much as I usually hate defense attorneys, this character is actually a really decent guy.

In the pilot episode, Mitch is assigned to defend a teenage boy accused of murdering a classmate. After he agrees to take the case, the judge tells the boy's father, "You'll find a lot of good human beings in this courthouse, and a lot of very talented lawyers. What you won't find is many people who are both." Unfortunately, I have seen the truth of this statement up close and personal. It seems that in order to be a "brilliant attorney," you have to be willing to sacrifice your life, health, and any other "inconveniences" that get in the way of pursuing your career.

The show has a lot of great sub-plots, as well as numerous dilemmas for the main characters. I think the show does a great job of showing the difficult decisions that an attorney faces while trying to do what is right. I think it also does a good job of showing exactly why defense attorneys are needed (and ones that are committed to maintaining justice and finding the truth). As much as I rail at defense attorneys sometimes, they do serve a legitimate purpose. We need honest people serving as defense counsel - ones who do their best to accurately represent their client and find the truth. This is how we ended up with one of the best legal systems in the world - not by throwing people into jail without a fair trial.

Okay - so that should be enough of a teaser to at least get you to go check out the pilot episode. Go on - right now! It's free on Itunes, or you can find it on Hulu.

And if you need any more convincing, here's the official trailer.

In closing, here's another good quote:

"I am not letting some jaded public defender screw this up and 
plead him guilty. You want to fight me on that, you put in a 
complaint with the Bar, and we will air this out in a hearing."

Now GO - download the pilot!!

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