Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Musical Musings

Tonight I treated myself to the Waco Symphony's opening night. I was so excited - I got dressed up, and was fully prepared to become the proud owner of a season subscription. However, when I arrived at the box office, not only were they not selling season subscriptions, but they also were only accepting cash. At this point, it was 7:25pm, and I was convinced that my lovely evening out was ruined. Thankfully, Jocelyn rushed over with a $20 bill and rescued me. I got my ticket and raced up the stairs (in heels, no less) just in time to take my seat  as the first note was being played.

The featured soloist was Haochen Zhang, the 2009 Van Cliburn winner. At 19, he was the youngest competitor in the competition. He was quite good, as would be expected.

The first piece was a Verdi overture which, unfortunately, I don't really remember because I was so flustered. The second piece was "Death and Transfiguration" by (Richard) Strauss. I don't know why I am not more familiar with Strauss's pieces, because they are fantastic! I will definitely be hunting for his pieces in the next couple days...

After intermission, the orchestra played Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto. I cannot comprehend why this piece receives so much attention. In my humble opinion, his Second Piano Concerto is INFINITELY better. (And no, this has nothing whatever to do with the fact that the Second has a fantastic clarinet solo - seriously). Yes, the Third is impressive, but the Second could beat it in musicality any day. So what if you can rip up the keyboard, if there isn't a beautiful melody?

But, enough of my musical criticisms...I included the links to the youtube versions of Rachmaninoff himself playing both, so you can make up your own mind! :)

It is now after 11:30pm, and high time I turned in for the night. The post about how great Contracts class was today will have to wait...

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  1. Katelyn,

    On behalf of the Waco Symphony Orchestra, I apologize for your unpleasant experience at last Tuesday's concert. If you will contact me directly, I believe I can rectify the situation in your favor.

    Michael Bracken
    Marketing Director
    Waco Symphony Orchestra
    (254) 754-2825