Monday, September 27, 2010

This video may already have gone viral on Facebook. However, for those of you who missed it there, you can see it here!! :)

First, the background. The previous owner of the condo left a few furniture items, which she is supposedly coming back to get. One of those items is a piano. Now, as excited as I was to have a piano, this one is wretchedly out of tune. In fact, there aren't words to describe how out of tune it is (hence the video).

For the past six weeks, I have been laughing about recording a video and sending it to the piano tuner at Converse, just for kicks and giggles. :) Well, with AnnaGrace in town this weekend, we made it into a whole comic act. For those of you who make it through all 7 minutes, congratulations!!! Special props to you if you can actually identify what the pieces were. :) Here goes...

See what I mean??? We did get a very sick sense of pleasure out of making that video, though, despite how horrendous it sounds.

It is practically killing me to have a piano within reach, and yet to be unable to play it! However, there is some redemption - Jocelyn let me into a practice room last week, and I spent about 40 minutes tickling the ivories!! It was sheer bliss...And, this Tuesday, the Waco Symphony is playing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3. I am SO THERE!! Student season tickets are only $20, and while I am not crossing my fingers about quality, maybe this will give me some temporary relief.

The rest of the weekend was pretty fantastic, too...On Friday night, Addison Road, Matt Maher, and 10th Avenue North played at a free concert on the Baylor campus. MaryLou, AnnaGrace, and I packed a picnic dinner and enjoyed an evening outside. So fantastic!! If you are not familiar with the music of 10th Avenue North, you should definitely check them out.

Saturday morning we went out for a group run. I thought I was going to die by the end of the 7.5 miles, but we all managed to finish in one piece.

Saturday night was the Baylor v. Nebraska women's volleyball game. MaryLou has been pumped about this game for weeks, and we were able to get tickets dirt cheap. Of course, she wore her red Nebraska shirt, and I wore my green Baylor Law shirt - and we enjoyed every moment of the rivalry. :) Unfortunately, Nebraska won 3-0, though the scores within the sets were closer than either of us thought they would be. The pictures are on MaryLou's camera, so they will be coming later...

By this point, you are probably wondering when I studied this weekend. The truth is, I didn't do hardly anything. However, I have been studying like a fiend tonight - and, in super exciting news - out on my porch!!!! The weather today was beautiful, and fall is definitely a-comin'!!! Currently the temperature is 69 degrees, with a low tonight of 56. The air conditioning is off, the windows are open, and hopefully we can continue to cut our electricity bill!! :) It's not supposed to break the 90's all week, and I am so thankful - who knew the 80's could feel so wonderful??

Well,this post has gotten quite long enough, and I must get back to my Contracts homework (UGH!!). Time has not changed my mind...I still hate that class (though I like the professor!).

I hope your Monday is fantastic!!

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