Thursday, November 18, 2010


This past weekend was fabulous. For the first time in five weeks, I was actually able to get out of Waco and forget about law school for about two days. On Friday night, AnnaGrace and I attended the Dallas Symphony concert. They were playing one of my favorite orchestral pieces, Ravel's "La Valse." It was AMAZING!!! I have listened to the piece many times on recordings, but there is just nothing like hearing it live. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a piece more thoroughly. We were lucky enough to be able to get seats behind the orchestra, which is a wonderful vantage point because you almost feel as though you are in the orchestra. In fact, when the conductor walked out, both of us nearly stood up with the orchestra!! :)

On Saturday morning, I got a much-needed haircut (and yes, to those of you who think that it's short enough already, it needed new layers). :) Then, it was off to the gym and a running store in Dallas to get our gaits analyzed. It's actually quite disconcerting to watch what your feet do while you're running.Mine look quite uncoordinated!! They ended up putting me in "stabilizer" shoes, because my ankles pronate (turn in) a lot while I am running. Here's hoping the new shoes will help some of the soreness I have been experiencing lately!

And now, for something new on my blog post: a movie review!! Yes, even as a law student, I do occasionally have a chance to watch a movie. Since I'm usually way behind on new stuff anyways, it's no surprise that movies are the same way. :) We watched "Shutter Island," which was actually quite interesting. It's a psychological thriller, though it's not scary. And the ending isn't really an ending at all because it leaves lots of questions unanswered...but that's the best part because you get to come to your own conclusions about what really happened. Although I enjoyed the movie, it did contain quite a bit of foul language.

Yikes...class in an hour and a half - I guess I should go get ready!

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