Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Car Saga, Part 2

I gained another stripe in my march towards independence this afternoon. Dad suggested that I unscrew the battery cables and scrape them off, then screw them back on to see if a bad connection was the issue. He gave me detailed instructions over the phone, and I set out to my car with a screwdriver, two pairs of pliers,  and my camera. I figured it was time to resurrect photos on my blog, so I planned to document the adventure. :) (Side note: Sorry for the bad quality - my camera's batteries were dead, so I used the camera on my phone!)

The culprit
After successfully unscrewing the "negative" battery clamp, I sent a photo to Dad and called again. "What do I do next?" His response: "Just pop the clamp off."Back I went...

After almost giving up when the "positive" side screw was a bit of trouble, I managed to get both clamps off and scrape them clean.

Meanwhile, I was holding the hood up with my back because the struts (?) are busted. Note to self: In addition to buying jumper cables, I also need a broomstick to hold up the hood. :)

Makes for an interesting picture, right??? :)

About the time that I finished screwing the cables back on, my new neighbor from downstairs came out. He introduced himself and offered to give me a jump in case I needed it, which I did (sigh). Once I got the car running, I booked it to Auto Zone to purchase a new battery. Thankfully they installed it for me - I have had enough of digging around in the front of my car for a while! :)

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