Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Lessons

Life Lesson #1: Skipping one day of class does not cause the world to cave in. Nor does it cause the professor to call you out the next time you are in class.

Legal disclaimer: DO NOT try this during your first year of law school. I take no responsibility for what may occur if you do.

Last week, I decided to extend my Labor Day weekend by a day. I got home on Thursday night to an empty home (MaryLou was gone for an interview), and my class on Friday was not until 2:15pm. I had been toying with skipping all day on Thursday, but my Type A side had kept a firm hold on my decisions. However, when I walked in the door, I made a snap decision that I was not going to stay that night by myself. So, I scarfed down dinner, threw some clothes in a bag, and headed out the door.

The thing was, I decided not to tell AnnaGrace that I was coming. I wasn't ever able to surprise her last year, so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. The best part was that I even talked to her on the phone while I was driving!! :) She had no clue.

When I arrived at her apartment complex, I asked her whether she had checked her mail that day. When she responded that she had not, I told her to go check it. Then I parked myself outside her door and waited. I think the next 2 minutes were some of the longest in my life. :) (AnnaGrace had decided to take her trash out, so it took her extra long to get to the door.)

When she opened the door, she dropped the trash bag and her keys, and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!!"

It was pretty awesome. :)

We spent the rest of the weekend getting haircuts, studying a little on Friday afternoon (at a coffee shop), and just enjoying some time off. Well deserved after 2 weeks of classes, right?? :)

On Monday, we ran the Labor Day 15K in Fort Worth again. The weather was beautiful!!! Apparently a tropical storm came through (unfortunately, no rain, though!) that brought a cold front and a good bit of wind. We were actually a little cold at the starting line!!

I finished in 1:36 even, a 7 1/2 minute improvement over my time last year!! I was quite proud of myself, especially considering that I did not feel sick like I did last year after I crossed the finish line. Hurray for figuring out how to properly fuel oneself! I have started using PowerBar's Energy Blasts for runs longer than about 7 miles. It makes a huge difference in how I feel at the end of the run. Before I started using them, it took me a while after I finished to feel well enough to eat. Now, however, I feel great after finishing, and I'm usually hungry within 15 minutes of ending my workout - which gives me a nice excuse to tear into whatever is in easy access. :)

She caught me in the middle of stretching my calves!
The rest of the week was spent in kind of a haze. I ended up getting back late on Monday night due to a friend's car not starting, so I spent the next day or so trying to get caught up on sleep. We did learn, however, how to open a trunk by reaching behind the seats and using an umbrella to reach the latch. Or rather, I watched while my friend learned. :)

Life Lesson #2 (From Trusts & Estates Class): Divorce/remarriage make disposing of property at your death so much more difficult. The best life choice is to marry one person for life (and be faithful)!

We started talking about Marital Property Law on Friday. In Texas, there are 5 classifications of property: his separate, her separate, joint community, his special community, and her special community. I'm still not quite clear on all the ins and outs of this stuff, so I'm not even going to try to explain it. The goal of all of it is to protect the assets that each party has coming in to the marriage. My guess is that it's only really a big deal when there are multiple marriages involved. If you've only been married to one person, and only have kids from that marriage, it's super easy to ensure that the property goes to the people to whom the decedent would have wanted it to go. However, if there are multiple marriages/kids out of wedlock, it gets rather complicated.

It's pretty amazing how we have managed to make life difficult in so many ways by our refusal to live biblically.

I promise to (at some point, hopefully in the near future!) outline the courses I am taking this year. Here's a list to whet your appetite: Business Organizations, Basic Tax and Accounting, Elder Law (LOVE!!!), and Trusts & Estates (again, LOVE!!!!). More on that later!

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