Monday, April 23, 2012

Head Cold + Finals

Equals just about the worst combination ever.

The only plus is that it gives me an excuse to sleep more than I study. Translation: I've slept about 10 hours every night for the past five or so nights. Yep, that's definitely more than I've studied over the same number of days.

Unfortunately, the general fogginess in my head has not been a good motivator to actually study. Thank goodness that I started studying Con Law a week ahead of time, and I could take the Code into my Family Law exam this morning.

In exciting news, I'm 1/2 of the way done with this set of finals! I have one tomorrow morning (I know, I should be studying...but this is a short post!), and then one more on Friday morning. And then I'm FREE!!!!

And I can start packing for Colorado...wait...I've already started, hence the more-than-one-page-long, outline-format document labeled "CO Packing List" that's sitting on my desktop. It was just so much more fun than paying attention in class last week. :) (shhh...don't tell my Professors)

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