Monday, June 11, 2012

Concert in the Garden, Renaissance Festival, and More

Life just never seems to slow down enough for me to write about all of the cool things I'm doing. :) I guess that's better than sitting around twiddling my thumbs, though, right?

This past Thursday evening was the first Concert in the Park in Windsor. The weather was beautiful. I think one of my favorite things about living outside of Texas is that it actually cools down overnight. Last night, it got down to 45 degrees!!! I love walking out in the morning when it's still kind of cold.

But I digress. The concert on Thursday evening was great. There were free hamburgers, and the band did a pretty good job (the poor female singer was flat all night). They played covers of everything from Journey to Ricky Martin to country hits. It was a great mix!

The boy rockin' out!

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur. It was a fun event - there was jousting, some shows, and lots of yummy food (roasted nuts, snow cones, and turkey legs!). It also provided ample people watching opportunities. :)

While there, Jake and Laura got a didgeridoo. Joshua is really good at playing it! I told him he's going to be a great brass player someday.

On the way home, we stopped at Casa Bonita for dinner. It is a super cool restaurant, even though the food is only mediocre. They have a waterfall in the middle of the restaurant, and various shows throughout the night, including cliff diving. My pictures are a little dark because the lighting wasn't very good, and my camera doesn't do well in less-than-ideal situations (never again will I buy a Kodak).

Sunday afternoon we went bowling to celebrate the birthday of one of Jake's nephews. I won!! I scored a 113. Jesse (the youngest) came in second. It might have had something to do with the rack he used. :)

On our way home, we drove up into the foothills a little ways to try and see the latest fire here in Colorado. On Saturday night on our way home, we could see a reddish glow up in the mountains. It was very eerie, and it's sad that the mountains are burning, but it was definitely a cool experience to say that I've seen it. Yesterday evening, the fire had spread to over 20,000 acres (up from 5,000 on Saturday when it started). I haven't heard yet today how big it's grown, but the billowing smoke that stretches all the way across the northern horizon says that it isn't under control yet.

Over the past couple of days, I've started going to parks on my lunch break, instead of eating at my desk and catching up on blogs. I'm trying to soak up all the time I can spend outdoors, since I won't be doing any of that for a long time when I get back to Texas!

On Friday, I went to a park on the edge of Lake Loveland.

Apparently Texas is not the only state that doesn't fill in holes in the road...
Today I went back to the Loveland Sculpture Garden.

That's all for now!! Happy Monday!

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