Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This post is going to attempt to finish recapping my last few days in Colorado, as well as the last week or so. Hang on for a long ride! (I'll try to only hit the highlights.)

My grandparents ended up coming out to Colorado the last week I was there, so they came up and visited on my last weekend. It was wonderful to see them! On Saturday, I took them hiking up in Rocky Mountain National Park. We did the trail around Bear Lake, and then headed up Trail Ridge Road. It was funny to me how the scenery had changed in the couple weeks since I had been there. Having less snow on the mountains definitely made it look different!

We stopped in Estes Park on our way down, and then at the Colorado Cherry Company. I don't think I've mentioned this place before, but it the BEST. PLACE. EVER. They sell all kinds of ciders (cherry, strawberry, peach), jams, pies, etc. Their cherry juice is so good!! AnnaGrace and I bought a half gallon to take with us back to Texas so that we could remember Colorado (because the 1500 pictures just aren't enough). :)

Stirring popcorn at a candy shop in Estes Park
On Sunday, we went to church and then hung out with family all afternoon. I ate until I was stuffed, including some banana pudding - which I had been craving for a week, thanks to a pin of Banana Pudding Pie on pinterest.

And then Monday came, and we had to leave to come back to Texas. :( AnnaGrace and I spent the day in Colorado Springs, doing a little bit more sightseeing before we left for good. We had planned on driving up Pikes Peak, but all the smoke from the wildfire kept us away - although the mountain reopened on Monday, we figured we wouldn't be able to see anything, so it wouldn't be worth the money.

Our first stop was Focus on the Family, where we went down the slide, had a WodFamChocSod, and each bought an Odyssey CD album (which we listened to the entire 12-hour drive on Tuesday!).

Our next stop was the Olympic Training Center. This place was amazing!! They give free tours, so we got to see several locations where actual Olympic athletes have been training. My only disappointment was not getting to see Michael Phelps at the pool...The visit got me super pumped up for the Olympics later this month!

Our last stop of the day was in Manitou Springs, where we walked around the shops. We even played Skeeball!! We won 7 tickets, which equaled two butterscotch candies. Yay us!

Side note: Don't ever spend the night in Pueblo, CO. The "city" is like a ghost town with only KFC and McDonald's for dinner (or Wal-Mart if you're a vegetarian). :)

Tuesday we drove from Pueblo all the way to Rockwall. The drive (especially the Texas part) felt like it took forever. I was so glad to finally be out of the car! On Wednesday, we just hung around the house until the evening, when we went to see fireworks. Rockwall's actually got a pretty decent fireworks show! I highly recommend it for next year (if you're looking for something to do already...).

I saw this fruit dish on Facebook, so naturally I had to do it myself. Didn't it turn out cute??

And now, I'm in Austin, two days into my first week at the Supreme Court of Texas. I think I'm really going to love this job!! They had me start on a study memo yesterday, which should take a week and a half or two weeks. Basically, I'm looking at a petition for review (someone appealing from the court of appeals' judgment) and outlining the issues for the justices. It's a lot of research and writing, but so far I think it's going okay. It's a little nerve-wracking, though. It hit me yesterday afternoon that what I'm doing now is going to affect real people in real life! Yikes!!!

Well, that's all for now. So far, I haven't done anything fun in Austin, though tomorrow I'm going to play Bunco with my hostess! I've never played before, so it should be interesting. :)

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