Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long Overdue

Side note: Sorry for the long delay - I started this post almost two weeks ago, but I was waiting to get all the pictures uploaded! So, this is severely late...

You know a blog post is long overdue when you get a reminder on your Facebook about the lack of posts. :)

The past week and half have flown by. Last Tuesday, I left for a trip up into the mountains to deliver more boxes. No one in the office was able to get away, so I got to take AnnaGrace with me! We traveled through Frisco, Breckenridge, Vail, Edwards, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and all the way to Grand Junction (clear on the other side of the Rockies - a whopping 5 hours from Loveland). Thankfully, we had enough time to do some sight-seeing along the way.

Our first stop was in Breckenridge, where we walked around downtown and picked up a couple gifts for people. We also got stickers for our water bottles - after all the places we visited, we now have quite the Colorado collection! :)

We both discovered that we were NOT fans of Vail. First off, it has this really fake vibe about it (at least the area we saw), like it's one massive ski resort. We found out later that it was never a real city - so it was built intentionally as a resort. Secondly, the prices are way out of control. A salad for lunch would have cost $25!! No thank you - I can make one at home for way cheaper.

After delivering a couple more boxes, we stopped in Edwards for lunch at the Smiling Moose Deli. I had their Parisian sandwich (chicken breast, melted Brie cheese, avocado, sun-dried tomates, and pesto mayo), which was amazing.

After lunch we drove through Glenwood Springs to get to Aspen and Basalt. Aspen is so beautiful!!! It was way cuter than Vail. After delivering a couple boxes, we walked around downtown for a little bit. We also found the Aspen Consignment Shop and stopped in. I found a black jacket for one of my dresses, as well as a melon-colored cardigan!! Hurray for checking two things off my list of necessary clothing items. :)

Can't you just see me in this?? :)
We ended up spending the evening just outside Aspen in Snowmass Village at a ski resort. AnnaGrace was able to find a hotel room for the same rate as we were going to pay in Glenwood Springs! It was a lot of fun to stay in a nice hotel, rather than a Holiday Inn Express. :)

The next day we drive to Grand Junction, which was ugly. It's the Waco of Colorado. :) It was interesting, however, to see the difference between the landscape on the east and west sides of the Rockies.

We stopped for lunch at Sacred Grounds in Glenwood Springs. AnnaGrace had a green smoothie, and I had a delicious turkey sandwich.

I wanted to take this little moose home, but he was $50, and my graduate school budget doesn't allow for it...

Isn't he cute???
Instead of taking I-70 all the way back, we went back through Aspen and took Highway 82 through Independence Pass. It was a little nerve-wracking at times - I was afraid I was going to lose control of the car and go straight over the edge! The views were TOTALLY worth it, though...

On our way home, we went through Leadville, home of the Leadville 100-mile race. I've read about the race in Runner's World, so it was great to actually see where it happens! Leadville is a tiny town way out in the middle of nowhere, but the downtown was adorable. I also picked up some coffee for a friend called "Mount Massive." I later regretted my decision not to pick up a pound for me - it smelled amazing!!

Well, I think this post has gotten long enough. I will slowly be updating on everything that's happened in the past week or two, since I've got a ton of pictures still! :)

I am currently sitting in Austin, looking up directions and preparing for my first day at the Texas Supreme Court tomorrow (SO excited!!!). Have a wonderful Sunday!

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