Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Things

Today, I am thankful for:

(1) Feeling an amazing sense of calm and peace. I got nervous before class started, but overall, I felt very calm and even happy. THANK YOU for all your prayers! They truly made a difference.

(2) Seeing a friend in between classes and getting a hug.

(3) Not getting called on. :)

Short recap:

Today wasn't terrible at all. PC 1 is actually going to be okay I think. The professor asks lots of detail questions, but I felt like I could follow most of them and find the answers I needed if I was called on.

PC 2 is a different story. The professor is positively miserable. He doesn't raise his voice in class, but he's the type that throws you in the deep end and then watches you drown. In fact, I'm pretty sure he would laugh while you drown. I had no clue how I would have answered at least 75% of his questions. I'm hoping that will change tomorrow, though, when we actually have readings to do.

Okay, back to the books...

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