Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hurdle #1 - Check!

Well, my invisibility disappeared today, and I got called on in PC II (yes, this is the professor I dislike).

Here's a glimpse into what was going on in my head while I was standing there listening to questions:

"Remain calm. Breathe deeply. Listen carefully to the question. Don't answer more than absolutely necessary. Take a breathe. Smile if you can - not only will it help you feel better, but it might also show him you're not afraid."

[Answer a question]

"Okay, that seemed to satisfy him. Take a breathe. Don't get flustered, just take each question as it comes. Don't show you're afraid - you've got this!"

Thankfully, I seemed to answer his questions satisfactorily, and he let me sit down after only about 20 minutes.

However, even in getting called on, I could see God's mercy to me. I could not have answered the questions asked to the guy who got called on after me. I knew the right answer, but I couldn't remember where I read the rule.

Additionally, I was really amazed at how clearly I was able to think while I was standing up. Thank you all for your prayers - I definitely felt them! Please keep them coming - tomorrow I have my first advocacy exercise!

In addition to being thankful for how I did in class, here are the other two items on my list for today: (1) going for a run in Cameron Park; and (2) having time to take a break to watch an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" during dinner. :)

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