Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Weekend

This weekend has been lovely, for multiple reasons.

1. The weather has been GREAT! Fall is coming!!!

2. New running shoes!! I've been struggling with shin splints, so I'm hoping these will be the cure.

What makes it even better is when you go with your sister.

3. Free things and a gift card to Bath and Body Works! That place smells like fall...

Free 2 ounce of this...

And bought this (as well as a few other things) with my gift card. For 98 cents, I got two candles, chapstick, and a wallflower (also in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin). The condo will be smelling like pumpkin for awhile! :)

4. Last, but not least, my first HILL WORKOUT! AnnaGrace and I went down to Cameron Park to run some of the hills that are part of the Bearathon, to get an early jump on training. Yikes - this workout definitely made me tired! But the new shoes were fantastic, and I didn't have any trouble with my shin. Bearathon PR, here I come!

And on an even more wonderful note, no double sessions this week!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know the following things: (1) I only have to sit in PC II for 2 hours a day; and (2) I will be done with class at noon (except for Friday). HALLELUJAH!

The tradeoff is I have an opening statement exercise on Wednesday - and I go last. Thankfully, it only has to be 10 minutes long, and hopefully I will do well enough not to have to repeat my opening line for an hour (literally, the professor threatened us with that...).


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