Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Day Off

Another hurdle is cleared.

Big Trial is over.

Two weeks from Saturday, I will be done with Practice Court forever. (I'm assuming I'll pass...)

I can hardly believe it. It seems like not that long ago I was reading ahead, cooking lots of food, and trying not to freak out about what was to come. And now, it's almost over.

So today, I celebrated by taking a day off. I only have two classes, so I skipped both. I spent some time outlining Administration of Estates, watched a couple episodes of the Big Bang Theory (I was two weeks behind!!), and went to an art gallery with Erin and AnnaGrace. It was lovely.

And now, being at school until 11:15pm last night, and staying up until 1am, are catching up with me. I'm signing off and headed to bed! I'll write a longer post about Big Trial this weekend...but for now, it's off to catch up on missed pillow time! :)

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