Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big Trial

I realized today, as I was thinking about this post, that I have not once talked about the subject of my Big Trial case.

Blogging fail.

So, here's a brief summary: My partner and I represented two foster parents. A pair of foster children escaped from the foster home (in broad daylight) and stabbed a man 14 times. At the time, the foster parents were on respite for the weekend, and had left two employees and a trainee in charge. During the state's investigation, however, it was discovered that one of the employees had left to go work his other job, and thus there were not enough trained staff members in the home per the government's regulations.

And that was only the tip of the iceberg. There were numerous non-compliances. So really, it was a loser case from the get-go. The real case settled for something like $5 million. Too bad we actually had to try the case. :)

Wednesday was the big day. I was feeling pretty excited about the trial (shocking, I know), until Tuesday, when panic started gripping me for no reason. I was so terrified that we were going to have Powell, and I just couldn't bear to have him as my observer again.

And the Lord knew exactly what I needed. Our observer on Wednesday was one of the most gracious, humble, and kind lawyers I have met. He was so encouraging. He would stop us occasionally and make corrections, but always in a very positive way. It was the most comfortable I've felt yet. In fact, I actually enjoyed the trial process!

Unfortunately, we didn't win, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We escaped with only 20% liability for our clients.

I wish I could convey just how wonderful this guy way. But it seems that tonight, every attempt is useless and just sounds stupid... I think it's the utter exhaustion I've been suffering from for the past three days. I didn't quite realize how much stress I was under until it was over...

But it is over. Just one more pre-trial motion/hearing to do and an exam stand between me and my last quarter of law school!

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