Monday, January 28, 2013

A New TV Show and BBQ Raisins

Over Christmas break, my aunt introduced me to the show "Parenthood." We only watched one episode at her house, but I really enjoyed it, so on Friday evening AnnaGrace, MaryLou, and I started at season one. What started out as a dinner break ended up at four episodes. Yesterday brought another four. This makes for excellent studying for my Saturday final, I assure you. :)

The show is about four grown siblings and their families. I love it because it seems so real. They aren't always one big happy family - they have arguments and disagreements. Their lives are messy. And yet, they have good relationships with their spouses and each other. If you haven't seen this show, go check it out! Just don't blame me if you get hooked...

Yesterday afternoon, I decided that I wanted waffles with whipped cream and strawberries for dinner. During our trip to the grocery store, AnnaGrace saw BBQ raisins on the clearance rack. I don't like raisins, so the thought of adding BBQ flavor sounded disgusting to me. But she thought it would be an interesting thing to try.

When we got home, she sat down with the package. I knew it was going to be bad when she nearly gagged just from the smell. And I, being the wonderful roommate that I am, decided that this needed to be captured in film. Here is how it went:

Sniffing the raisins. This was sign #1 that
these were a bad life choice.

Just before she spit them out.

Guzzling milk, coffee, and carob chips followed to erase the taste of BBQ from her mouth. Meanwhile, I was rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard.

And here is the waffle I was so badly craving:

I hope your week is off to a great start! Only three more days of classes and four exams stand between me and my LAST QUARTER OF LAW SCHOOL!!

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