Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Week

Extending birthdays is always great - especially when you can do so for a whole week!! It has also been the perfect way for us to get out and blow off some of our restlessness. :) On Tuesday, we ran some errands around town, and then donated blood. I have never donated blood before because I've been too scared to go on my own (I know, I'm a wuss). Well, it turns out that was a good thing, because I was pretty high maintenance. I nearly passed out twice. The first time was right after they put the needle in. Knowing my propensity to get light-headed at the mere mention of blood, I wasn't particularly surprised. :) Apparently I looked pretty awful - I didn't even have to tell the technician that I wasn't feeling good - all of sudden, he was tipping me backwards and calling for a drink and ice packs (FOUR of them!!). :)

We survived!!! :)
I nearly passed out again right after I finished donating, before the tech took the needle out. I honestly don't know what my problem was then. By that time, I had calmed down from the first episode, was feeling great, and had even managed to look over at the cord. All of sudden, as he was reading the post-donation directions, I felt myself getting lightheaded and hot all over again. I felt like such an idiot!! I am, however, determined to donate again in 2 months. I WILL overcome this fear/queasiness!!

While I was causing problems, AnnaGrace was on the opposite side of the room cracking up and having a grand ole' time!! She also came over when she was finished to make sure I was still alive. :)

On Wednesday, we took a day trip to Plano. It was great to "get out of town" even for a short time. :) Our first stop was REI. I need a new cap for my Nalgene, but unfortunately didn't find it here (or any other sports stores, for that matter). 

On our way to the next store, AnnaGrace found a quarter in the parking lot. :)

Next, we stopped in at Nordstrom's Rack. My Aunt raves about this store, because it is the only store that carries her shoe size. Although I was convinced that I still wouldn't be able to afford anything, I thought it would be fun to just browse. I ended up finding a suit jacket for only $35!!! When I tried it on, AnnaGrace nearly cried - so I knew I had to buy it!!! :) I really need to update my suit wardrobe, so I was happy to find this!

Since I had a coupon for a free birthday sandwich, we had lunch at Which Wich, an amazing sandwich shop. It's kind of like Subway, except much better. You pick a paper bag according to category (vegetarian, turkey, chicken, etc.). Then, you choose all the veggies, cheese, and toppings that you want. 
I picked  a BLT with avocado. YUM!!! I highly recommend this place! 

Our next stop was supposed to be Ikea, but we saw a PetsMart and decided to make a quick detour to look at the kitties. :) Bad life choice - we were both dying for a kitten when we walked out the door!! Priority #1 when I get out of law school (after I find a job, of course), is getting a kitten!!

Yep, that's us - Smart!! :)
We finally made it to Ikea - this store is the COOLEST PLACE EVER!!! Something has happened to me in the past year. All of a sudden, I'm obsessed with home stores, decorating ideas, etc. It's like suddenly there's a Martha Stewart inside of me dying to spend hours (and thousands of dollars) decorating, cooking, etc. So yes, I was in love when we stopped at Ikea. :)

I found the curtains I want in my future kitchen!!! I was sooo tempted to buy them, but resisted the urge - barely. :)

I had a blonde moment when I saw this display. I thought, "Geez, that's a really funky-looking ironing board!!"

Then I realized it was five ironing boards hanging on the wall. :)

Birthday update coming later!

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