Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Today in church, the sermon was on the story that God is writing in each of our lives. As I sat there, I was once again reminded about how good God has been to me. I am truly in awe of how he has orchestrated this summer. So for those of you who don’t know the “long story,” here goes…

It all starts in August, when Baylor hosted On-Campus Interviews (OCI). It’s a really convenient way to get a job, because a bunch of firms come to the law school and host interviews over a one-week period. I had six initial interviews, which all lasted about 20 minutes. After the initial interview, law firms will host a “callback” interview where they bring candidates to the law firm for several hours worth of interviewing, along with a meal. I didn’t even get a callback from any of the firms with which I had interviewed. To be honest, I wasn’t very disappointed. The firms were very large, mostly litigation firms, and I didn’t think I would enjoy working there anyway. But it still wasn’t easy to get rejection letter after rejection letter in the mail.

Starting in November, I began calling smaller firms, trying to find a job at a small trusts and estates firm. Occasionally someone would tell me to send in my resume, but mostly there was nothing.

In January, the law school advertised that the Supreme Court of Texas had openings for summer interns. I applied, thinking I had nothing to lose, and landed an internship with Justice Wainwright for the second half of the summer.

I still continued calling law firms, trying to find something for the first half of the summer (preferably paid), but I was still having no luck. One day, I decided to call Nightlight Christian Adoptions, because I was interested in their Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program. When I called, the director said that she had never had an intern before, but she would talk to her director and see what he said. Less than two days later, she got back to me, offering me an internship! The only downside was that it was unpaid – but I just trusted that the Lord would provide, and gladly accepted.

I was beyond excited – I spent several days jumping up and down and squealing every time I thought about it. J One of the most exciting things is that it’s located in Colorado. About a year or so ago, I decided I would like to live in Colorado. My reasons? Because it’s a big running state, there are mountains, and there is snow and cold weather. J So I was super excited when I found out I could give the state a “test run.” J

But, it gets even better…

When I called my mom to tell her about my internship, she said that my grandma had just recently re-connected with her nephew and his family – and they live in the Loveland, the exact town where I would be working. And, as it turns out, only about 6 minutes from the office! They quickly offered that I could stay with them, and have been extremely gracious hosts.

And then, this past week, I found out that my supervisor actually has a little bit of money in her budget, so she’s going to pay me after all. I am in awe. It has been amazing to watch every single piece of the puzzle fall into place this summer.

And now, my current view – out on the patio, enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather…

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