Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sightseeing in Denver

The rest of my work-week went by without a hitch. I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday making phone calls to doctor's offices and leaving lots of voicemails. Unfortunately, I've gotten very few responses. I just don't understand - can't they tell I'm a sweet person from the tone of my voice??? :)

On Friday, I put together some folders that are going to be mailed to clinics. I also got to design a postcard that is going in the folders, which was fun, though a little scary. I don't have any marketing experience, and so even though I had a template, I felt a little out of my league.

I am proud to report that I've finished about 1/2 an inch of Practice Court reading! :) Since there are 7 3-inch binders to read over the course of 9 weeks (not including textbook reading), I'm getting a jumpstart. I try to do 30 minutes a day...and add ice cream to make it a little sweeter. :)

Today, I drove down to Denver to meet some law school friends and do some sight-seeing. Once again, the weather was frigid. I have decided that investing in a fleece is a must, even though it's the middle of May. After two weekends of freezing, I need some warmer clothes!

After finding sweatshirts for everyone but me (I was holding out for a nice fleece), we headed up 16th Street in downtown Denver. It's a really cute area with a ton of shops and restaurants that's completely closed to vehicles (except the free trolley).

The day started out rainy and very cold. Thankfully after lunch it warmed up a little bit (so it was comfortable), and the sun even came out for a little bit!

In the afternoon, we went into a cool candy shop called "Rocket Fizz." They had probably 100 kinds of soda, including these interesting ones...

I love my bacon - but this sounds disgusting

Just before we left downtown, we stopped at Crepes 'n Crepes for their happy hour. We got two types of crepe - a chicken one with a white wine cream sauce, and a dessert one with chocolate and vanilla ice creams, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream. They were both AMAZING! Three of us shared the two, so we tore through those things in about 2 minutes each.

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