Monday, November 12, 2012

Today starts a new quarter! It's hard to believe that 11 weeks ago I was beginning the most terrifying quarter of my life (I was more nervous than I was before my first quarter of law school!). This quarter, I get to start every Monday morning with Administration of Estates, a fact about which I am beyond excited. :)

The weekend was fantastic. On Thursday, we got an email from our Admin professor saying that there was no homework assignment for Monday, and to enjoy the weekend. Then on Friday, we got an email saying our PC assignment wouldn't be up until Sunday. So, since I had nothing to do, I drove up to Dallas for a day at Six Flags with the family. They got free tickets from friends, and since it was a private event, there was hardly anyone there. Talk about winning.

This is my favorite ride:

I remember as a kid going to Opryland, and my favorite ride was the swings. So now, every time I go to a theme park, I have to ride them. Some things just never get old.

Of course, in Texas, they call it:

Did you notice the guns around the middle post in the above picture? :)

When I got back on Sunday, I went to the grocery store, cleaned the condo, and went for a hill workout. It was a wonderfully relaxing end to a great weekend.

I also started reading, "Redeeming Law" over the weekend. I bought the book over a year ago, but have just never sat down and actually read more than a couple pages. Be looking for a post about what I'm learning from that in the next couple days...

Well, I'm off to finish getting ready for today. Enjoy your Monday!

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