Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I realize that we are still 4 months from January 1st. However, in light of the beginning of a new week, I find it appropriate and necessary to make some resolutions.

I made several discoveries this past weekend as I evaluated last week. First off, while the course load did not stress me out, I think my subconscious was a lot more stressed than I realized. As a result, I got to Friday night and I was completely worn out. Secondly, I was reminded how much of an introvert I really am. New situations and lots of people really overwhelm me, which I think contributed to my utter exhaustion.

In light of those discoveries, here are my resolutions for this week:

(1) I will stop being afraid of my civil procedure professor and having panic attacks in the middle of class about my phone. I will be extremely careful not to break the rules, and will make sure that my phone is turned off and/or in my locker. However, beyond that, I will stop wasting energy worrying about it.

(2) I will stop stressing out when people talk about the grading curve (where only a certain number of A's are given out, and someone HAS to flunk), exams, outlines, etc. Since we are all 1Ls (first-year law students), nobody knows what they are talking about. Therefore, I will restrain my competitive side and rest in the fact that I can only do my
best – beyond that, God is in control.

(3) When, for my sanity, I need to get away and be by myself, I will not feel guilty about that fact. I will be friendly to others, but I will not feel obligated to hang out if I don’t want to or need some quiet time.

(4) I will make every moment one for worshipping (going back to the theme song from Steven Curtis Chapman).

As I was perusing facebook tonight (AFTER I had done my homework!), I found this video on a friend’s profile…and I LOVE it. This is going to be my new morning routine.

"I like law school! I like my professors! Contracts class is great!"...


  1. In case you were wondering who the strange person with the unidentifiable screenname and picture (both are video game references) is, it's just Stephanie. :D I'm following your blog now - which sounds very stalker-ish. But I guess that's the point of blogs, after all.

    Good luck with classes! (Though you're stressing me out about grad school with these stories of strict professors and regulations and such. D: )

  2. STEPHANIE!!! I didn't see the comment until now - so I totally was not ignoring you. I actually figured out who you were - after googling "Squall Leonhart," I figured it had to be you. :)
    Don't let it stress you out - I am sure part of it is because it's law school...and secondly, you have a whole year! Just make sure you enjoy it. :)