Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today I helped Jocelyn move into her dorm. It was kind of weird to do it without parents, but thanks to help from my roommate, MaryLou, we only had to make two trips to teh storage unit, and we had everything up in the room in less than 2 hours.
In other news, I am settling quite nicely into the cooking aspect of my new life. Tonight's dinner was Chinese Chicken Morsels, Jasmine rice, and an avacado.

I had a nice date with my Torts textbook over dinner and got a good chunk of reading done (only about 8 pages to go!).
I forgot to post pictures of my condo yesterday, so here goes. No pictures of the living room yet because it still needs to be unpacked!
Coffee Bar! :)

My awesome new desk - my favorite piece of furniture!

Tomorrow orientation starts bright and early at 8:30am - AHHH!!!! The dress is business casual, so the Nike shorts and t-shirts I have been living in for the last week will have to go back in the drawer. :(

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  1. I love that your hangers are still decorating the window by your desk!