Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing "Mommy"

This past weekend I got to indulge my love of children and babysit my 18-month-old cousin, Ross. AnnaGrace joined me for the adventure. We had a BLAST, and we were able to prove our superb babysitting skills. ;)

My aunt and uncle warned me that although Ross has been going to sleep in his own bed, he wakes up in the middle of the night and refuses to go back to sleep, so they usually bring him into their room. I figured Ross would push the boundaries with new sheriffs in town, so I was a little bit nervous about how much sleep we were going to be able to get. Ross, however, decided to be on his best behavior...

Friday night:
  • 22 minutes of crying before he went to sleep.
  • 10pm (just as we were dozing off) - Ross awake again. Rubbed his head, told him goodnight. 5 minutes of crying and he was asleep again.
  • 5:30am - Repeated above process, and it worked like a charm.
Saturday night:
  • Less than 1 minute of crying when we put him to bed (although he had skipped his nap, so he was pretty tired).
  • 1:50am - Repeated process from Friday night with the same results.
  • 3:15am - Same as above.
Nap on Sunday:
  • Less than 1 minute of crying.

Victory for the babysitters!!! :)

Now that you know way more about his sleeping schedule than you ever wanted to know, I'll get to the interesting stuff.

The first order of business on Saturday morning was a run. The goal was 11 miles, but we only made it 7.7 miles. We didn't have a jogging stroller, so we made do with a regular one - although it didn't feel that heavy at first, it felt like a ton of bricks by the end!! Ross was a good sport and happily watched the scenery pass the whole time.

Next, we were off to the grocery store to get ingredients for smoothies. Please notice my new reusable grocery bag, courtesy of AnnaGrace. It says, "Green - it's not just for monsters anymore."

Yes, this is a reference to my new addiction to Green Monster drinks. :)

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing basically nothing - Ross was more than happy to play out in the yard while AnnaGrace and I tried to recover from our morning run.

We had planned to go to the park on Saturday afternoon, but it looked like it was going to rain. Plus, we were completely out of energy, so we postponed the trip until Sunday morning.

I thought the park was going to be a great idea, but I think Ross was a little overwhelmed. I guess 18 months is a little young to appreciate slides. Who knew?? :)

On Sunday I was able to upgrade my new phone at Costco - HALLELUJAH!! I dropped my phone about a week and a half ago, so I have been unable to see anything on my screen. It's amazing how dependent one becomes on something as simple as the ability to send text messages. Thankfully, I was able to navigate some aspects of my phone from memory (such as contacts).

Monday was a jolt back to reality as we had the class round of our first Moot Court competition. That story, however, will have to wait until later. At the current moment, I should get back to preparing for tomorrow's real round.

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