Friday, June 3, 2011


On Wednesday, I had a meeting with the Ft. Worth Symphony, so AnnaGrace and I decided to make a day of it and experience Ft. Worth.We perused a list of  free things and made our itinerary. Our first stop was the Kimbell Art Museum. Admission to their permanent collection is always free!! Although not a huge exhibit, they had several paintings by notable artists such as Monet, Edvard Munch, and Michelangelo.

"Weeping Willow" by Monet

The Torment of St. Anthony - Michelangelo (Done when he was 13!!)
Next we headed to Sundance Square downtown. It's14 blocks of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Since it was a Wednesday afternoon, there wasn't a whole lot going on, but it was fun to walk around and do some window shopping.

Starbucks break!

I have a new fascination with courthouses - maybe it's because in Texas, they are just so beautiful!!

Finally, we headed out to the Historic Stockyards for the daily Cattle Drive. Apparently Ft. Worth is home to the only twice-daily cattle drive in the world! Hence, the nickname "Cowtown." Unfortunately, it sounds more exciting than it actually is. I think we were a little naive (okay, maybe more than just a little) by expecting some big stampede. In reality, there were about 30 cattle walking at a snail's pace. We definitely felt like tourists!! :) But hey, you can't live in Texas without experiencing the culture, right??

While at the Stockyards, I was on the hunt for some canned armadillo. Unfortunately, I struck out...but we did find these treasures!!

After traipsing all around Ft. Worth in 95-degree weather, we were starving!! Our latest attempt at saving money is signing up for a bazillion email clubs at restaurants to obtain coupons, free birthday meals, etc. The latest find was Cici's Pizza. AnnaGrace had never been, so we decided to give it a try. Thank goodness we only ended up paying $2.50 a person - because neither of us were big fans. I guess we've outgrown the love of cheap pizza!! I do have to say, though, that their breadsticks and their cinnamon roll dessert pizza were quite good!! And we were at least semi-healthy by having salads!!

After my meeting, we redeemed the evening by stopping at Yogurt Land, where we heaped our bowls full of frozen yogurt and yummy toppings (including incredibly sour gummy worms!!). This is the best yogurt place we've been to yet!! Their Chocolate Mint Cookie flavor is to die for...

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