Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ignorance of the Law...

is no excuse. Unfortunately, I had personal experience today with my professor's mantra.

We started off the morning at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There are tons of cute little shops, as well as some regular shops like Gap, American Eagle, and Build-A-Bear Workshop (really?!? this should not be located in a historic location...it's just sacrilege).

There were lots of neat gifts, though I managed to keep my wallet intact. :) I did, however, want to take these little owls home!!

Aren't they so cute??
Honestly, I was a tad disappointed with Faneuil Hall. It was beautiful, but it just wasn't as impressive as I was expecting. Maybe adding a few colonial patriots arguing about taxes would have done the trick!! . :) It's also just plopped down in the middle of downtown - you would never know what it is from the outside.

I thought this hotel was adorable - I LOVE the window boxes!!!

For lunch, I had New England Clam Chowder. It was the best I have ever had!!! Of course, come to think of it, I can only compare it to the canned kind, which I suppose isn't really a comparison after all. :) It is really cold here today (high of 60 degrees!!!), and I forgot my jacket, so soup was the perfect meal to warm my insides!!

I plan on making these bad boys when I get back to Texas:

Reese's cup brownies?? YES PLEASE!!!
After lunch, we headed back to the car since we were nearing our 2-hour limit. When we rounded the corner, this view was what met us:

Now, as much as I may wish my family drove a BMW, we don't. A look at the ticket on this guy's car confirmed that parking in front of the fire hydrant was the offense for which our car was towed. However, I would like you to note the complete lack of any kind of marking...and the fire lane on the other side of the hydrant. Also, the yellow line marks every single parking spot on the street...making it look like this spot is the same as the rest.

The traffic cop was completely not helpful. Her response was, "Well, I just know not to park in front of hydrants." I'm sorry we're from South Carolina, where they mark the curbs when you can't park there!!! Grrr...

We ended up having to take the Metro across town to rescue our car from the impound lot. The train station just so happened to be located in the Old State House, which I was wanting to see anyway (just not under those circumstances!). :)

On our way to get the car!
After we got our car, mom went to City Hall to contest the ticket, which she ended up getting dismissed (though not the towing fee). If anyone asks where my belligerence comes from, all fingers point to her. :)

We're currently hanging out in the dorm room (we're staying on campus this week - I get to relive college days!!), attempting to bake cookies in an oven that does not appear to have temperature control. :) I put Jocelyn in charge while I tried to blog. The cookies had only been in for 8 minutes when we started smelling burning...

Mom made the mistake of asking, "Okay, so what else can go wrong today??" Here's hoping she didn't jinx us. :)

Boston, Take 2 tomorrow!!!

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