Monday, June 6, 2011

Is It Dinnertime Yet?

3:45am came awfully early this morning. Since I worked at the symphony last night, we didn't get into bed until around 10:30pm. Six hours of sleep = veeery sluggish.

Thankfully we breezed through security at DFW and were heading towards our gate at 4:50am. I even got two compliments about my dress!! Hurray for female TSA agents who have fashion sense. :) Next time, we'll take an extra 15 minutes of sleep. :) Oh wait - I'm never flying at this time again, if at all possible...

Unfortunately, Starbucks wasn't quite open yet.

However, it opened 10 minutes later and we got fueled up with Americanos.

Round #1

We arrived in Memphis without a hitch. When we arrived in Memphis, our departure gate was right across the walkway!!! Hurray for a very short walk.

Unfortunately, that was followed by a veeeery long wait to take off...which turned into a cancelled flight. We were waiting for a divet...and then a seatbelt extension. When people heard the seatbelt piece, they flipped out..."You mean we're waiting for a seatbelt?!?!?" I'm sorry, but don't get mad at the gate agent - get mad at the fat person who needs the extension. We definitely got our morning dose of entertainment. People were being such jerks!!!! I felt really bad for the gate agent.

About 10:15am, they issued us $6 food vouchers - and we headed back to Starbucks!!

Round #2 - Compliments of Delta
After this, I decided to explore what options we had for rebooking our flight, even though it wasn't officially cancelled yet. Thankfully, we got to the rebooking center just in time. As we were rebooking, the agent confirmed that our flight had been cancelled. We beat the rush and got guaranteed seats on the 2:45pm flight - no standby!!! We also got more food vouchers and a travel voucher.

We promptly ate and purchased internet (poo on the Memphis airport for not having free wi-fi!!) to check email and (of course!!!) update the blog. :)

We've been working on a video documentary of our experience, which should make an appearance in the next couple days, as soon as I get it edited and pieced together.

For now, we're off to our changed departure gate!!

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  1. Sounds like you have a pretty good attitude about the trip :) Check out or youtube search "Everything's amazing and nobody's happy." I had some similar moments as you on my flights so far this summer, and it is really amazing how quickly people get unhappy and bent out of shape about things. We had to wait for our gate to be open, so we sat in the airplane for 25 minutes on the runway...but the reason that happened is because we got there early! Do they realize how long it would take to travel if they had to drive?! The video speaks to all this in a pretty humorous manner :) I hope you have a great time at the wedding!!