Monday, March 14, 2011

Salad, Fries, and Peanut Butter Pies

Alas, my spring break has ended, and I headed back to school this morning. However, after a week without classes, it wasn't too awful. People kept telling me I looked too happy. I was thinking, "Of course!!! I just had a wonderful week!!! What is there not to be happy about?!?" I am just refusing to think about the next 7 weeks (including one more set of exams) and my brief that is due in exactly 3 weeks.

But, on to happier subjects. The last four days were spent at Joy and Joel's house - it is so wonderful to have family so close!!! And of course, I enjoy spending a good amount of time doting over Ross. :)

Look! I found a worm! And then I tried to eat it...and mom and Katelyn freaked out! :)

Saturday held a 10-mile run, a walk to the thrift store (where I found an uber-cute top from NY&Co!), and  a girls' night out to see The King's Speech!! This movie is fantastic. Though it's rated "R" for language, I think it's rather mild (the language occurs in all of two scenes). The cinematography is very nicely done, and the soundtrack is to die for!!! The one error in sound editing was cutting all but 10 seconds of the clarinet out of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto. I mean, the clarinet is the star in that piece! Seriously... ;)

Over the weekend, we also rented "Conviction" and "The Next Three Days." I was glad that I got these from Redbox, and hadn't paid to see them in the theater. They were decent, but nowhere near worth $10!!

Basic storyline: Hilary Swank's brother is arrested and convicted of murder. After losing the appeal, she goes to law school to get him out.
  • Rated "R" for language, and with good reason. Tons of swearing throughout, to the point where it got distracting. I don't mind a few words here and there, but this was just over-the-top and unnecessary/
  • As a law student, I found myself suspicious of the movie - I would be interested in knowing the real times, I felt like the story was just too good to be true.
  • While the dedication to her brother was admirable, Hilary Swank's character basically gave up her own life to free him. She completely destroyed her family and (almost) neglected her children. There were several times where I just wanted her to give up and get her life together. I believe in sacrificing for family, but she gave up everything, including her marriage.

The Next Three Days
Basic storyline: The protagonist's (Russell Crowe) wife is arrested and convicted for murdering her boss. He is convinced of her innocence and vows to break her out.
  •  I actually like this movie more than Conviction. It had an interesting storyline. For people who like details, this would be a good choice, as a lot of the movie is centered on his preparations for the jail-break. Additionally, there are quite a few twists and turns along the way which keep you guessing as to how it's going to end. Only rated PG-13, and there is nothing too objectionable in the film (except for the fact that he is breaking his wife out of jail). 
  • Maybe I just wasn't in a movie mood, but I thought the movie moved really slowly. My uncle appreciated this, because it made the movie seem more realistic. 
  • Up until the very last minute of the ending, you didn't know how it was going to end (let me spare you the effort - don't try and guess - you'll be wrong!!).
  • The ultimate ending, however, was lame.

Yay for The King's Speech!!! :)
To come this week:
  • The recipe for my mocha-berry-green monster (YUM!)
  • My final fry recipe (we have been eating fries every day, I just haven't found the right combo yet!)
  • Guest posts from AnnaGrace, who is in Waco for the week on Spring Break! Let the festivities continue!
  • We were supposed to see "Rabbit Hole," but apparently it was only in Waco theaters for two weeks! LAME.
  • My first half-marathon!!

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