Sunday, March 6, 2011

Frozen Yogurt, Accidents, and Chocolate Granola

Church this morning was different, and yet very good . I always look forward to going to Denton Bible Church with AnnaGrace, because not only is the preaching excellent, but the musicians are fantastic as well. Since I've had trouble finding a church in Waco, it's always a breath of fresh air to be in Denton. This morning, the comedian Jeff Allen spoke, so there wasn't actually a sermon. He, however, has a fantastic testimony - you can look for the audio version of it here in the next couple of days.

This afternoon we went to downtown Denton for frozen yogurt  (yum!). I, unfortunately, had a mishap with mine while trying to pull out my camera...

Yes, that's grass stuck to my yogurt...
I was able to pick off a good portion of the grass, though I did get some immuno-boosters in my portion. :) This stuff is too good to just throw away!!

Tonight's dinner was salad...following by Chocolate Crunch Dessert Granola!! It's another recipe from Oh She Glows - and it was fantastic, as usual. I omitted the nuts because we don't have any, and it still turned out fine without reducing any of the liquid ingredients. It also smells wonderful while it's cooking!

Chocolaty granola goodness!
We paired the granola with ice cream made in AnnaGrace's amazing new Vitamix blender. This is THE BEST kitchen appliance I have ever seen - I need to figure out how to get my hands on one!! Seriously, it crunches ice in's a pretty fantastic sight.

Enjoying this treat while watching "Cake Boss" was the perfect end to a wonderfully relaxing day.

And guess what?? I don't have to go to school tomorrow!!!! WOO-HOO!!! :)

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  1. Ok Katelyn, I think the grass on your yogurt confirms have gone off the deep end :) So grass and dirt in your smoothies and real grass in your yogurt. I'm beginning to be a bit concerned about you! Haha, just kidding of course...