Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Don't worry, I did not succumb to the Wednesday blahs...I just had a busy end of the week. We have our big court brief due this coming Friday (worth 50% of our grade!!!), so I have been buried in the Fourth Amendment and the search-incident-to-arrest exception.

So, first things first. On Wednesday, I tried out for a moot court team. On Friday, I found out that I made the Pepperdine Entertainment Law team!!! One of the best parts of it is that the competition is held in Malibu, CA!!! The website says that the schedule allows competitors to do some sight-seeing in the L.A. area - hopefully that is true!

Wednesday night Jocelyn and two of her friends had a gig at Common Grounds, the coffee shop right next to Baylor. I was the designated "Skyper"/videographer/photographer, so I kept quite busy. However, the weather was perfect, and they did a great job! Hopefully they will perform again soon (hint, hint).

I was especially impressed that Jocelyn had all the music memorized. Yes, I realize that, as classical pianists, this is expected. However, she was playing "pop" piano, aka from a lead sheet. She looked like a complete natural, handling both the piano part and the backup vocals with ease.

Yesterday evening there was more music in store as the Waco Symphony had their fourth season concert. Here was the program:

Mozart: Overture from The Marriage of Figaro
Dvorak: Czech Suite
Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No. 2

The guest pianist was Sahun Hong, a 17-year-old pianist from the Fort Worth area. Although he played well, I wasn't a fan of the actual concerto itself. Somehow, over the past year or so, I have become a complete romantic. No longer do lots of fast notes impress me. All I want is a gorgeous melody that I can walk out humming.

The Dvorak, on the other hand, was beautiful. My favorite movement was No. 2 - the Polka. I have included a youtube video below for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately for you, I don't think this performance is as good the Waco Symphony's was last night. This recording is a bit too fast. :)

The Mozart was fantastic! It was so crisp, clean, and full of energy. And the orchestra was completely in sync - MARVELOUS!!

Jocelyn was sweet enough to treat me to dinner at Chili's beforehand (meal plans often come in handy!). We split chips and salsa and and order of beef fajitas. SO YUMMY!! She even let me take the leftovers, which made a delightful lunch today!

This afternoon I picked up some WD-40 in an attempt to fix my ceiling fan on my own. This past week it got really hot (read: summer weather - in the 80s every day). However, the only setting on which I could use my fan was high. For some reason, the lower levels squeak REALLY loudly. It has always squeaked some, but apparently the winter hiatus has made it return with a vengeance. Unfortunately, the squeaking has rendered it virtually unusable at night, at least at the lower settings. (MaryLou laughed at me when I used these words the other day - she said I'm really starting to sound like a lawyer!.)

Well, two rounds of WD-40 later, I am happy to say that the problem is mostly fixed. I still need to have someone look at it - it wobbles quite a bit, so it probably needs to be reattached to the ceiling. However, the squeaking is mostly gone, and the noise is down to a level where I should be able to sleep. HOORAY for fixing it myself!! I always feel quite proud of myself when I fix something around the house on my own.

While I was at Lowe's, I also picked up some twine so that I could hang my racing bibs. Before, I mingled them in with the other items on my random wall. However, my wall is rapidly filling with cards, invitations, and the like, so I decided to remove my bibs and place them up higher. (I'll have to take a picture of the entire wall later).

My first thought after finishing was, "When's the next race??? I need another bib!!!" Clearly, this has become quite the addiction. My summer goal is a fast 5K - under 25 minutes, and as close to 20 minutes as possible. Unfortunately, registration will have to wait until I land a job...(hopefully soon!)

Summary of my racing career.

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