Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Morning Glory

Time for another movie review!! Unfortunately, my list of movies that I just had to see has consisted of mostly B-list movies. So disappointing. I mean, the trailers looked so good!!!

Warning: This review contains spoilers (I'm not good at this yet!)

Anyway, so about "Morning Glory." This one looked really cute, and has a great cast - Dianne Keaton (love her!), Harrison Ford (who's looking awfully old - yikes!), and Rachel McAdams. Unfortunately, even the great names couldn't save this film.

Becky Fuller (McAdams) is a young broadcaster who is waiting for her "big break." Unfortunately, her program gets a budget cut, and she gets fired, forcing her to take the old job available - at the last-ranked morning show. She immediately fires one of the anchors and hires a crotchety old newsman (Ford) who thinks that the morning show is beneath him.

After a couple months, Fuller gets the news that the program is going to be cut unless she brings the numbers up. She immediately starts pulling sensational news stories in a desperate attempt to attract viewers. Meanwhile, her relationship with her boyfriend is falling apart because she never turns off her phone, is constantly watching the news, and can only talk about her job.


Of course, at the last minute, Ford pulls through and catches wind of a breaking news story that no one else has, saving the show and giving it at least another year. And yes, he comes around and starts acting nice. And Fuller makes up with her boyfriend, and it ends with everyone happy.


Sorry...maybe I'm just too much of a realistic, or I get sick of happy endings...I don't know. All I know is, I'm super glad I only paid $1 to see it (thanks Redbox!).

Additionally, for a PG-13 rating, there was quite a bit of cursing, which, as usual, was highly unnecessary.

There was one redeeming moment in the whole hour and 45 minutes. It's a quote from Harrison Ford's character to Fuller:

"You would sleep at the office if you could. Let me tell you how it turns out...

You end up with nothing."

An interesting remark coming from Hollywood, don't ya' think?

It was a very good reminder for a girl who is entering a profession that prizes working the latest and longest. Having a wonderful career means nothing if you become a slave to it.

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